I work as an independent advisor.

My greatest strength lies in actively participating in the Board of Directors or Advisory Board of a company.

I am dedicated to protecting and defending the interests of shareholders, serving as an efficient link between them and the executive leadership.
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My focus is on practicality and achieving results.

Beyond the mandatory monthly meetings, I engage deeply with the executive team, adapting my role as an advisor to the specific needs of each company. (Acting as an Operational Partner).
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I seek individualized solutions.

Our collaborative approach with shareholders and management teams involves pinpointing areas where our input is most beneficial.
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I enjoy working and dedicate hours to it.

In my work philosophy, enjoying what you do and dedication go hand in hand. I am passionate about what I do, which is reflected in my willingness to invest the necessary hours in each project. I don't just focus on meeting expectations; I aim to exceed them, putting all my effort and enthusiasm into every task.
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I also conduct "Due Diligence" or specific consulting work.

At times, my clients, with the eventual goal of entering the shareholding or debt structure of a company, request my assistance in gaining a comprehensive understanding of its operational aspects. In such instances, I undertake intensive work, delving into the key aspects of the research and evaluation process conducted before a business transaction, such as a merger, acquisition, or investment. I analyze all relevant facets and assess the risks associated with the proposed operation.
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Who do I work for?

Primarily, I work for financial entities such as JP Morgan, Davidson Kempner, Cross-Ocean, Merrill Lynch, Permira, Metric Capital Partners, Advent, King Street, HIG, Houlihan Lokey, PJT Partners, or Rothschild.

My specialization

I focus on closely collaborating with high-growth companies or those in special situations. I understand the unique challenges that businesses facing these circumstances encounter.

Sectoral Experience

36 years of experience, 25 of them in consumer and retail sectors, and the last 11 years in various Board roles, expanding across a variety of sectors: Retail + Industry + Restaurants + Consumer Goods + Fitness + Leisure + Digital.



Como Consejero Independiente, especializado en Transformación, Renovación y Reestructuración,
me comprometo a elevar el valor de tu empresa,
con soluciones únicas