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We maximise shareholders’ and investors’ value in the consumer world

About us

We provide advisory services


  • Independent consultancy services
  • With a long-term purpose
  • Linked to results

Aimed at:

  • Owners
  • Shareholders
  • Investors
  • Financial creditors
  • CEOs

Regular clients:

  • Medium-sized Spanish enterprises
  • From the retail, consumer goods and Hospitality sectors.

– We act as a liaison between shareholders and management teams by ensuring effective, swift and productive communication.

– We represent them actively on the Board of Directors, by enhancing and monitoring the value of the management team in order to make companies grow and generate wealth.

– We support CEOs and their teams across all key business processes. We specialise in complex business scenarios.

– Our associated network of experts, specialised in key issues, digital, legal and real estate marketing or HR, allows us to focus all our efforts on the required aspects of the project.

Future Retail: Nuestros clientes

We give you
our first opinion of
your business

If you are looking to maximize the value of your company, end us your contact and corporate website details and we will contact you with a first analysis of your business in order to detect the strengths and opportunities for improvement.
We will provide a brief and preliminary orientation, free of charge and without any commitment, on solutions that can help you improve your results.

The information we request will help us to make this report in the most complete and effective way. We will treat your data in a way:

  • Confidential
  • Respectful
  • Professional

We work with owners, CEOs’ and shareholders’ to give the best answers to the needs of their organizations.
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  • Expertos en Digitalización

    Candela Fernández

    Candela Fernández posee una experiencia profesional de más de 10 años en las prácticas de comunicación y marketing, habiendo participado en varias startups tecnológicas y empresas de software, como PremiumGuest o MNprogram.

    El haber trabajado en agencia y en cliente final, le hace tener un perfil mixto y una visión holística de negocios en diferentes sectores de actividad.
    Candela, se incorpora en 2016 a Future Retail, con el objetivo de acompañar a los clientes en la consecución de sus objetivos estratégicos. Con su proactividad y capacidad resolutiva, colabora en la búsqueda de soluciones ad hoc a cada uno de ellos, involucrándose end to end en cada proyecto.

    Todo esto, unido a su inquietud por todos los aspectos clave de las compañías y a su capacidad para relacionarse a todos los niveles de la organización, le facilita identificar nuevas oportunidades de negocio, resolver conflictos internos y generar nuevas vías de desarrollo.‌

    Candela Fernández

  • Independent Board Member

    Javier Pérez de Leza

    With more than 30 years’ experience in the consumption sector, Javier Pérez de Leza, Future Retail’s CEO and Founder, leads all of the company’s consultancy projects. During his career, he has held different decision-making positions in important international companies in the consumption sector. This has given him a strategic business vision focused on maximising profit. He has worked in 11 different countries and held top positions in leading companies such as Metro, Walmart or Costco.

    He is a proactive and down-to-earth professional committed to achieving goals. He specialises in solving complex business scenarios.

    Since he created Future Retail in 2012, his clients are leading national and international companies, as well as major private equity firms that want to analyse investment opportunities in the consumption sector.

    Javier Pérez de Leza

Network of experts

We have a solid network of experts that specialise in areas including legal, fiscal, human resources, marketing, web development, operational and expansion processes, which are key for our business model. This means we can offer our clients a comprehensive service that covers all the needs their company may have, while being able to focus on the key aspects of their organisation.

These professionals work with Future Retail regularly. They have wide experience in specific areas and are used to participating in projects supervised by Future Retail.

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Future Retail

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