After over 30 years in the retail sector, we decided to take the next step and use our knowledge to set up our own businesses. This marked the beginning of Future Retail 7 years ago, and the start of Mlynek Promociones 2 years ago.

Mlynek Promociones was created to be closer to the consumer. This way, we could keep our essence and face new challenges every day.

In November 2018, we started our journey with a Panaria franchise in Manzares el Real, where serving our customers is a real treat.

In June 2019, we decided we wanted more, and we opened a Taberna del Volapié in Manzanares el Real. Here, our customers can enjoy a meal featuring the flavours of Andalusia and flamenco.

And despite the difficult situation, we have no plans to stop here.

Panaria Panaderías
Taberna del Volapié